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MacM3 – McMaster Monitoring my Mobility

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McMaster Monitoring my Mobility

McMaster Monitoring my Mobility-MacM3, is a trans-faculty, interdisciplinary research project aiming to create a mobility tool That allows individuals to self-monitor their mobility to predict and manage changes as they age. Mobility is increasingly recognized as crucial to ongoing wellness and well-being; decreased mobility can lead to a range of health issues. Based at the Institute of Applied Health Sciences at McMaster University, the team draws from faculty across Rehabilitation Science, Engineering, Computational Statistics, Business, Geography and Humanities (Dr. Paula Gardner, Pulse Lab).

Our Pulse team includes Dr. Paula Gardner, and graduate research assistants Clementine Oberst and Niloofar Hooman. We are tasked with supporting interdisciplinary awareness and training for the MACM3, challenged by operating in discrete subteams and meeting remotely.  Oberst conducted an extensive literature review on theories and practical approaches to instigating interdisciplinary practice. With Gardner, Oberst and Hooman have designed games and techniques to intervene directly in team meetings. This strategy offers these during meetings to instigate profitable and time efficient moments where members can learn key tecniques that drive interdisciplinary practice, including pausing to clarify when a concept sounds unfamiliar or different from one’s disciplinary training, and to let others know when we have learned a new method or concept. These minor actions in fact constitute the building blocks of interdisciplinary and help the team to collaboratively enact it via rigorous group problem solving.

Interested in learning more about our current research projects or our team? Check out our website for an in depth look at the projects we are currently work on and for a list of our collaborators.


MacM3 is supported by the following organizations:

McMaster Institute for Research on AgingAge-Well: Canada's Aging and Technology NetworkMcMaster University

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