Pulse Lab collaborates to critically unpack and adapt technologies to meet community needs, invent sustainable innovations and create social change.

Pulse Lab is driven...

by feminist, intersectional, and anti-oppression approaches, and participatory action methods

Pulse Lab intervenes...

in the politics of digital access to foster digital literacy and digital inclusion. We render the digital as networked and distributed, rejecting pressures to quantify and reduce digital materials and practices.

Pulse lab plays...

…with biometric technologies. We peer into biometric tools to make them accessible, comprehensible and to harness them as tools for responsible innovation. We redirect the biomaterial and computational turns in pathways that celebrate the embodied digital subject.

Pulse Lab is devoted to art practice

We use art process to incite imagination, prioritize play and produce aesthetic pleasure. Our research considers the role art practice can play in affective health, cognitive development and inspired innovation.

Pulse Lab is technologically agnostic

We use whatever tools (emerging, new media, computational, visual, mechanical, collaborative, etc) that the project calls out for.  We harness common, affordable digital technologies— visual, biometric, and mobile and sensor technologies—most appropriate to address the problem at hand.

Pulse lab is rigorously collaborative

We practice ground-up inquiry, exploring how digital tools can be accessed to meet local social, cultural and material needs. Our team practices respectful, lateral collaboration.  Our partners are community, non-profit, health and creative industry groups seeking to adapt digital and emerging technologies to address pressing social, cultural and material needs in Canada and in Africa.

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