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Ahmet Dumlu


Ahmet Dumlu is an undergraduate Computer Science student at McMaster University. He is involved with the Pulse Lab as a Research Assistant, working with Dr. David Harris and in collaboration with an international team. The focus of this team’s work is on the project “Using AI-Enhanced Social Robots to Improve Children’s Healthcare Experiences.” His role involves configuring AI software between multiple devices and training healthcare professionals to use the software. Recently, Ahmet has been working closely with the team from the University of Glasgow to configure and develop a system that analyzes children’s faces using AI and creates responses with the Nao robot central to the project.

The goal of this project is to reduce the stress level of children in hospital environments by providing them with a friendly and interactive robot companion. Ahmet ensures that this system is meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, developing this system based on user feedback. At present, the system uses visual input to analyze children’s faces and generate responses. Future iterations of the system will include voice recognition capabilities, further enhancing its ability to interact with children in a meaningful way.

Ahmet is a driven and accomplished individual with a passion for computer science and technology. Having completed three internships with a focus on software development, he already has a great deal of professional experience. Additionally, he is a volunteer within the Google Developer Students Club and is also currently involved in an AI project in the McMaster AI Society.

Ahmet is passionate about creating software solutions in the fields of backend development, machine learning, and AI. He is committed to using his skills and expertise to help others and make a positive impact on society.



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