Pulse Lab Statement of Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Pulse lab stands in solidarity with protestors around the globe and Black Lives Matters condemning the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others. Together we must confront the historic legacies of white supremacy, colonialism and imperialism that feed anti-black racism, and police brutality, fostering hate, injustice, intolerance and insecurity for black folks in Canada, North America and beyond. We recognize that Black folks often experience inadequate access to economic, educational, housing and health resources and are disparately impacted by the current global pandemic.  We stand together, as well, in confronting racial prejudices that create intolerance, insecurity and injustice for all People of Colour (POC).  

We at Pulse Lab pledge to speak out plainly when we witness anti-black and POC racism; to continue our commitments to lateral power sharing in collaborations with black folks and POC; to continue to acquire training in and to employ anti-oppressive and anti-colonial frameworks in our research; to work collaboratively to create technology solutions driven by those with lived experience and enriched by our differences.  We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matters and POC organizations in working for both structural and social change, confronting anti-black and POC racism at McMaster university, in the academic world, in our research, and as neighbours, friends and fellow citizens.